Discount Policy

On arrival at the park, documentation will be required to support any discount applied to your reservation.
To apply the Senior Citizen Discount, you must be a permanent Florida resident and 65 years or older.
To apply the Disabled Discount, you must be a permanent Florida resident and present a State or Federal 100% disability award certification or physicians documentation on arrival.
The discounts apply to only one campsite. They do not apply to multiple campsites for the same dates for the same primary occupant. They do not apply to cabins. The primary occupant listed on the reservation must present the appropriate documentation. Should the primary occupant not present documentation on arrival, park staff will re-calculate the fees and collect the balance.

Payment Policy

All reservation charges are to be paid in full prior to arrival at the park.
Credit card payments are charged the full amount at the time that a reservation is made. Your monthly credit card statement will contain a billing under the name Florida State Parks. If you have questions about the reservation or billing please call customer service at 1-888-622-9190.

Length of Stay

If the same individuals or the same persons in a family or group make multiple advance reservations, attempting to exceed the 14 night or 56 night total occupancy limits, park management will ensure they observe the limit, refunding any advance reservations as necessary. Cancellation fees will be applied for any advanced reservation cancelled for this reason.

Changes and Cancellations

If you have arrived and registered at the park, changes to sites or dates for that reservation will be done without charge by the park. Site and date changes will depend on availability.
A $10.00 fee will be charged for changing the sites and/or dates on your reservation.
Cancellations may be made online at or Contact Us.
Cancellations: A $17.75 fee will be charged for each reservation canceled up to the reservation start date. If you reserve multiple sites on consecutive days to make up a single stay, please take into consideration that the cancellation fee is applied to each reservation number.
If you cancel your reservation on or after the day of arrival you will also be charged the first night's use fee, in addition to the $17.75 cancellation fee.
If you are unable to arrive on the first day of the reservation, the park will hold the reservation until check-out time the next day (1:00 p.m. local time for campsites and 11:00 a.m. for cabins). After that time, if you have not called the park, directly, the park may no-show the reservation, cancel it, and refund the balance, less the first night's use fees.
In an effort to ensure fairness in reserving campsites and cabins, reservations made with a departure date beyond the 11-month advance reservations window may not be changed or canceled until 18 days after the reservation is made.

Reselling Campsite Reservations

Reselling campsite reservations is not permitted. Reservations are made on a pay-in-advance basis. This paid reservation is a transaction contract between the purchaser and Florida State Parks through Reserve America and the reservation may not be resold. If a reservation is discovered to have been offered for resale or resold the reservation will be cancelled and the original purchaser will be charged the $17.75 cancellation fee. Florida State Park concessionaires are exempt from this policy when the reservation is part of an authorized visitor service.